Friday, September 11, 2009

Work Marginally Tolerable.

Work Marginally Tolerable
Staten Island, WI. Office desk drone Cliff Thompson was surprised and cautiously relaxed for the first time in three years as he realized that his morning at work has been marginally tolerable. "Usually by 10 I'm seeing red and ready to chop someone's head off with a paper cutter but today has almost been kind of okay" stated a wary Thompson who has spent the last three years filing reports for the Ogfad Insurance corporation. "Really, for the first time in years I'm not suppressing a panic attack and wanting to bolt out the door." Possible explanations for Thompson's guarded optimism include the shortened work-week as a result of the President's Day holiday, an impending payday and the fact that Carol Lichfeld, that bitch from HR took the week off. Possible other causes for Thompson's levity include tickets to an upcoming AAA baseball game, Green Day on Saturday Night Live this weekend and a hand-job Thompson received the previous evening from his long-time girlfriend Amanda Worthstein. Skeptics including Thompson's cubicle-mate Jerry Antwerp are predicting Thompson will be suppressing his murderous rage again by noon when the 5235 policy report will land on his desk. Managing supervisor Jim Clavinova surreptitiously peered through the mini-blinds of his office and when he noticed a faint smile on Thompson's face, muttered, "Fuck it."