Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Blog Neglected.

smashed Computer
New Brunswick Heights, LA. The global community of internet users has expressed doubt and worry over the fact that North American blogger Dave Tansun has been neglecting his blog. While "Me & Bobby McGee-Whiz!" has never been considered a popular blog even by today's micro-trend standards, billions of Internet users are concerned that Tansun isn't blogging to his full capacity. "I just got kind of tired of it," Tansun said in a statement issued from behind the counter at the local Wendy's. "Like, I don't even know if anyone was reading it." Successful, globally connected bloggers begged to differ, "A blog is like a river, it must flow freely" commented Scandesigns.typepad.com owner Olaff Unersonn. Others concurred, "Blogging is rad" stated 12 year old Alexis Bloodstone who's Wigglesreport.net blog about the daily actions of her 4 month old Bassett Hound Wiggles will soon launch an IPO. When pressed for further comment, Tansun said his break is almost over and concluded by mumbling, "Fuck it."